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Five Things


{Magazines by the fire + a beautiful staircase at the Ojai Valley Inn}

It's funny how much of an impact Daylight Saving Time has on my life. Maybe some of it's just in my head, but I find I'm that much more open to changing my routine. Instead of pouring myself a glass of wine and curling up on the couch at night, I'm outside with my iPad or going for walks around the neighborhood. It's been tough to get out of bed these past few mornings, but it feels like spring is finally here and I have no complaints. Have a great weekend!


{Taking advantage of the gorgeous blooms at the Farmers' Market}


{Favorite new accessory: a periwinkle bralette that's ideal for slouchy shirts}


{I've been making mint sun tea every day since the weather's turned warm}


{Going to the track for the first time tomorrow in Santa Anita}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links