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Five Things

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{I finally got around to replacing my dingy old iPhone case with one that's shiny and sleek}

I've come to realize that executing a fantastic weekend takes some planning. In my early 20s, I said yes to everything - and it was exhausting. As I've gotten older, I try not to overcommit myself, which has been a welcomed change. This lack of planning often leads to impromptu adventures and long, lazy days, but occasionally leads to pure boredom. I see now that it should be more of a balance - with some concrete plans, periods reserved for doing nothing (specifically naps, camping out in front of the TV, reading in bed, etc.), being with those you love, with breaks reserved for quiet time alone. I have a good feeling about this weekend and I hope you all enjoy the next couple of days!


{My office inspiration board that's suddenly looking very ready for warm weather}


{Currently loving: The Hart and the Hunter's peanut butter + marshmallow cookie}


{Spring splurge: the ultimate sexy sandal in a cool mint green}


{A leisurely day spent by the pool with good friends and Mexican food}

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.