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Five Things


{The first glimpses of spring lines the streets with pretty blossoms}

At some point in the last couple of weeks, I decided that we needed to get out and explore more of the city where we live. L.A. covers such a large footprint, that too often we end up following steps from the past to the same tried and true restaurants. As a result of my resolutions, we've been trying to get out of our comfort zone and on the weekends we're trying new brunch spots by the beach, dive bars in hip neighborhoods, and museums downtown. It's given me an entirely new outlook on Greater Los Angeles and it's served as a nice reminder that there are always little gems to discover, if you're willing to look. Have a great weekend.


{I love how MB Post serves their citrus salad inside of a hollowed out grapefruit}


{I finally caved and bought a Clarisonic and it's entirely changed the condition of my skin}


{Prabal Gurung x Target - the prints are cool enough to pair together and not feel matchy-matchy}


{A leisurely Sunday morning spent sitting on the pier in Manhattan Beach}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links