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Five Things


{I was thrilled to be featured on The Coveteur this week. Check it out here.}

I'm not sure how January is already over, but I'm ready to welcome February with open arms. It's always such an awkward transitional time in the beginning of the year - and now I feel like I can start planning fun things to look forward to (mainly a one-year anniversary trip to Mexico this April). The days are staying light slightly longer, we've dusted off our barbecue and springtime doesn't feel too far away. Have a wonderful weekend!


{The Downton Abbey of cat towers - hopefully it'll dissuade them from scratching up our furniture}


{Valentine's Day candies that taste even better when corralled into a cute tin}


{A flea market skull that now has a temporary home in our candle-filled fireplace}


{Football donuts just in time for this Sunday's big game}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links