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The perfect Valentine's gift for yourself.
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Heart Necklace2

The last time I wore a piece of jewelry with a heart, I was in high school. I cherished the little silver trinket on a chunky chain, but by the time I graduated, the shape felt like a cheesy relic of childhood. When I came across this piece, I fell in love with the idea of heart jewelry all over again. It's nostalgic without being childish or cutesy, thanks to its simple design. 

It's minimalism also makes it versatile. I can wear it with formalwear or simple white top (as shown above). I especially love the length—it hits right at my collar bone—and thanks to the flat, paper-thin design, it sits flat. I'm often looking for little ways to work feminine touches into my home and outfits because they make me happy every time I look at them. This adds the perfect touch of girlishness, but if I want to toughen it up, I simply add a few more gold chain necklaces on top. Most of the time, I let it speak for itself—for such a small piece, I'm amazed at how many compliments it receives. (If I hadn't already purchased it for myself, I'd be asking G for it for Valentine's Day.)

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.