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Why you should start shaving your face (no, really!).
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What I'm about to share with you is ridiculous, and it's crazy that I do it at all, but I promise it works. When I mentioned it casually in conversation to my friend Brooke last week, she practically screamed, "I'm sorry, what are you doing?" She couldn't believe it when I answered, "Dermaplaning," which has become shorthand for women shaving their faces.  

I told a select few I started dermaplaning, but was quickly flooded with questions from a number of people about what I was doing for my skin, because of how dewy and moisturized it looked. The process removes the barely visible (or sometimes very visible) peach fuzz and dead skin cells on the face, making skin look more youthful, smooth, and able to absorb products like serums and moisturizers. While I love the process and results, I had my doubts when my esthetician first recommended it to me: Would the hairs on my face grow back thicker? Would I regret it? Did I really want to add dry shaving my face to my beauty routine? She assured me that shaving has no effect on the regrowth or color of hair—and that my skin would glow like it never had before.

Is it something I'll ever do in front of Geoffrey? God, no! He knows about it, of course, but it isn't one of those things I'd file under "cute beauty regimen." I also know that it isn't for everyone—one of my best friends tried it once, had a terrible break out, and swore she'd never try it again. The good news is that her face cleared up within a week, so the risk is low. It's also worth noting that there can be a transitional period—after the first few times, I noticed little irritations that went away over time, and some friends have told me they initially experienced more blackheads, that also disappeared. But if you keep at it, you may wonder why it took you so long to start. 

Some "dermaplaning tools" can cost as much as $75, which is ridiculous when you consider one of G's razors might set him back $2. I recently discovered a six-pack on Amazon for $6 that are technically eyebrow razors, but have the exact same effect as the expensive versions. Read on for how I do it.

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How to do it:

Start with completely dry and clean skin. Pulling the skin taut, shave down in the direction of the hair in quick strokes with light pressure. 

Shave only where you need to. I concentrate primarily from my cheekbones down.

Take your time! There were moments when I moved too fast and cut my face. While it's not cool for a guy to walk around with a dab of bloodied tissue on his face, it's really not cool for a girl to walk around with that.

Once finished, add serum followed by moisturizer. That's it!

P.S., I found this video from Byrdie to be really helpful!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.