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The case for owning a beautiful laptop case.
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Personalized Cuyana laptop cases for myself, Alina, and Leslie

Personalized Cuyana laptop cases for myself, Alina, and Leslie

The nature of creating content for a lifestyle blog is that it's often on-the-go. On any given day, our team is sourcing donuts for "article testing," on a shoot location, or drawing inspiration from an out-of-office spot. That also means that on any given day, we're toting our laptops around, whether to conduct a meeting at a coffee shop, upload high-res photos on the spot, or pull up a doc that's better seen on the big screen. While we previously favored the "throw the laptop in the purse and hope it survives" method (Geoffrey excluded), it wasn't the most glamorous or laptop-friendly means of getting from Point A to Point B. When we came across this leather laptop sleeve from Cuyana, it quickly made the rounds on our group office messages since it so perfectly suited our needs. It's thin enough that it can be slid into a bag, but the protective layer means that we can tuck our laptops under our arms and head out for a meeting (because walking down the street with just a laptop isn't the most subtle way to announce you have a computer on you). In short, it's convenient, elevated, and attractive (the market isn't exactly flooded with chic laptop cases). When we ordered them for the team, we even got our initials monogrammed so that we never end up accidentally swapping our 'tops. 

Shop the Item Here: Leather Laptop Sleeve, Available at Cuyana
Price: $125 (+$10 for monogramming)

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