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It takes a lot for a candle to catch my eye - and at this point, I'll be honest, I often skip candle displays at stores altogether. I already have so many go-to scents and makers and I'm pretty particular with my taste. But last week, at a small design store in Silver Lake, I stopped short in front of a display of powder-pink boxes. Despite the overtly feminine packaging, each was labeled "Boy Smells" (clever branding), and as soon as I got a whiff of the Cedar Stack scent, I knew it was worth adding to my rotation.

The candle has a similar santal-meets-smoky fragrance of another candle I love, Le Labo's Cade 26, but at half the price. Like its packaging, it's the perfect mix of delicate and masculine with notes like cedar, white musk, and sawdust. If it were a cologne, I'd immediately buy it for G - it's so intoxicating I want to inhale it - but for now, I'll be strategically placing the obsidian-black candles around my home.

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Boy Smells Candle in Cedar Stack
Price: $29

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links