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How I get away with drinking red wine.
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I love a glass of red wine with dinner, but more often than not, when I'm out with a group of friends, I'll select a glass of white, even if it doesn't pair perfectly with my meal. The reason being that there's nothing cute about a row of dark-red, wine-stained teeth and I'd rather avoid the potential embarrassment. So the other day, at a dinner with friends, I ordered white as usual. After dinner, when I saw my friend pull out a small compact of wipes at the bathroom mirror then proceed to wipe her teeth with them, she registered the surprise on my face. The only wipes I use are on Sloan, but she explained that the wipes she was using are "Wine Wipes," which contain a toothpaste-like formula that seamlessly wipe red wine stains off of teeth. I immediately bought a compact for myself and was pleasantly surprised at not only how effective they are, but that their barely-there orange blossom flavor doesn't interfere with the flavor of wine. Plus, the mirror included in the compact makes it easy to subtly check if my teeth are stained. It's since become a purse staple I'd happily raise a glass to.

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Price: $8 for compact of 15 wipes

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.