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Where have you been all my life?
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It didn't quite merit a call-out on my summer to-do list, but this season I'm committed to making more cocktails at home. At the top of my list is one of my favorite refreshing concoctions—the mint julep. Traditionally served in a stainless steel cup over a mound of crushed ice, it's what I crave on hot summer days, but it's not quite the same to make at home without the correct equipment. 

G finally solved my seasonal dilemma when he ordered an ice tray designed to make crushed ice. The tray freezes ice into long, thin lines, which you can then crush by squeezing the sides. It's such a simple idea, and is so compact it fits seamlessly into our packed freezer. Since it makes about 8 ounces of ice, we bought two—enough for a summer's worth of mint juleps, Moscow Mules, and swizzles in our backyard.

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links