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An affordable (and cutely-packaged) product for volumized hair.
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Anytime I'm on set for a professional photoshoot, I learn something new—whether it's an easy way to get ethereal photos, makeup tips for closeups, or, in this case, about an affordable, fool-proof product for fuller hair. On a recent shoot, my hair looked so amazing, even by the end of the day, that I tracked down the woman who did my hair to ask her what she'd used and she told me it was Puff Me Hair Volumizer. While it looks like most spray-on products, it has a consistency that's different from any product I've ever used. The bottle calls it a "volumizing cloud mist," and it comes out almost chalky, then settles into what I can only describe as a puffy consistency that provides an excellent boost. You can use it on a many days-old blowout to give it new life (it also helps soak up grease), but I like to use a tiny bit of it on freshly washed hair to give it the tousled look I'd normally get over a couple of days of sleep and styles. The only downside is that the product leaves a tiny bit of white residue, so you don't want to spray it directly where you'll be showing it. If you normally part your hair in the middle, part it on the side, then spray the product into your side part and work it in with your fingers before styling your hair. I also love that it's buildable—while I find a little does the trick (which you can see in my "after" picture below), you can add more if you prefer high-volume hair. Plus, with so many over-priced hair products on the market, it's hard to beat the cost.

Shop the Item Here: Puff Me Hair Volumizer
Price: $15

Left: Before; Right: After

Left: Before; Right: After


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.