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See you later, blemishes.
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I thought by the time I reached my mid-30s I wouldn't need a blemish cream, but my skin has lately been finicky. Maybe it's the numerous products I'm constantly testing or simply stress, but I needed to find a better solution than ice (which does, in fact, help a lot). When I mentioned my problem to a friend, she suggested End-Zit, which she and her three sisters swear by. You dab a tiny amount directly onto your blemish, let it sit for a few seconds, and then tap to blend. It comes in clear, but I opted for the tinted variety so that it would be easier to cover up with a small amount of concealer. It does a great job drying up pimples without making the rest of your skin become a peeling mess, and has helped clear up my skin almost immediately.

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Price: $19


Products in this post may contain affiliate links