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Find of the Week

An inexpensive bathrobe for your morning routine.

I'm worse than your average "morning person." I'm one of those people who thinks anyone can become a morning person. I believe the only difference between loving and hating mornings is creating a routine around them that you can look forward to. Whether it's a delicious breakfast or a new running route, I find that I wake up more easily and happier—which leads to a better and more productive day—when I have something to look forward to first-thing. Recently, I purchased something that's made my mornings even easier and more enjoyable: a simple cotton bathrobe. For $15, I was able to eliminate several of the tiny annoyances that make mornings just a little bit more difficult: My clothes no longer smell like the lunch I'm prepping, I'm more comfortable, I can take my time deciding what to wear (and don't have to put on skinny jeans right after applying lotion to my legs), and I don't have to worry about coffee spills or makeup stains on my clothes. On the one morning a week I stay home from my run (which was my New Year's resolution), it feels infinitely more relaxing to cozy up on the couch in my robe, rather than my clothes for the day. It's also the perfect thing to put on after a bath—it makes my tiny bathroom feel like a spa. As much as I love an overly plush hotel robe, they can feel almost stifling. This waffle cotton is easy to move around in and wash (I just throw it in when I wash my towels). The only downside? Once it's on, it's almost impossible to take off—I just spent an entire Sunday in it. The price of course, is unbeatable for what it is. 

Shop the Item: Waffle Kimono Bathrobe
Price: $15

FOTW Bathrobe Side by Side
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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.