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Feels Like Home



This past weekend my parents came to visit me in L.A. Even though I haven't lived with them for years, I still find myself oddly homesick every time they leave. It brings me back to different parts of my life; from when I was a shy little girl to my years as a moody teenager. It was such a great place to grow up and until my next trip to Mill Valley, I'll just have to remind myself of all the little things I miss about home.

My mom's homemade pizza. In the summertime, she would leave the dough to rise in a big yellow bowl in the front yard. I would pace in front of it for what seemed like hours until it was ready.

Nightly fog. Though it never gets too hot in the Bay Area, the fog that inevitably rolls over the mountains is always a refreshing way to welcome the evening.

The Depot. Mill Valley's hub is the sweetest little area filled with coffee shops, cute boutiques and friendly people. I haven't found anything quite like it in L.A.

What do you miss most about "home?"

Products in this post may contain affiliate links