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10 Gift Ideas for Father's Day This Year

Geoffrey's annual Father's Day gift guide.
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The past year has been short on celebratory moments, but with a silver lining on the horizon, we're hoping you can celebrate the father and father-figures in your life with a few of the items I've rounded up. Here are 10 gifts I'd be happy to receive this Father's Day (which is coming up, on June 20th!):

1. Lusso Cloud ($135 - $165): Slippers may seem like a boring gift, but these “luxury” versions from designer Jon Buscemi should be in every dad’s closet. The slip-on shoe trend isn’t going away and rather than getting a pair of Crocs, treat the guy in your life to something that feels like a soothing foot massage.

2. Flaviar Membership ($300 for one year): Like drinking new spirits, but aren’t sure you want to invest in a whole bottle before trying it? Perfect. This club provides samples of unique and curated selections of different whiskey, rum, tequila, etc, and educates you about tasting notes, history of the spirit and more.

3. Levis 501 ‘93 Made and Crafted ($168): Since the '90s are cool again, it may be time to update your dad’s denim collection and add a retro fit to his rotation. These 501’s look exactly like a pair I wore my first year in college and while I might not be the EXACT same size (but pretty close), I expect they’d feel and break-in the same way they did back then.

4. Stagg Kettle ($149): This is the most-used appliance in our kitchen. Its minimalist design and easy controls make it a stylish addition to any coffee or tea setup.

5. Ooni Fyra Pizza Maker ($299): We’ve owned several pizza ovens, but this one, in particular, has been one of the best investments we’ve made. They come in different sizes and fuel options (we chose the wood pellet version since we use pellets on the Traeger, which also makes a great gift) and the results have rivaled and even exceeded our older oven. Maintenance and clean-up are easy and this version is portable, so you can make pizza almost anywhere.

6. Truff Hot Sauce ($69 for the variety pack): I put this sauce on everything, from eggs to pizza, and even popcorn. I personally like the “Hotter” version, but the original and white truffle are also stellar. They recently expanded their collection to include oils and mayonnaise, which are great.

7. Amass Seltzers Variety Packs ($55): I’m not typically a hard seltzer drinker, but I’ve been a fan of Amass gin for years, so when they launched this new-ish product, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. The skill they put into distilling gin and vodka is evident with these canned drinks, with a rich botanical flavor, which is more complex and flavorful than the majority of overly sweet/faux-fruit concoctions that dominate this category.

8. Faherty All-Day Shorts ($98): Water repellent, eco-friendly, and stretchy, these might be the perfect shorts for the summer. Whether you’re going for a hike, running errands, or both, these multifunctional shorts let you transition between activities without needing to change your style. I prefer 5” or 7” inseam, since shorts should be, well, short, but they also offer a 9” for those who don’t want to show as much leg.

9. Anyday Cookwear ($120 for 'The Everyday' Set): Microwave cooking isn’t great. In fact, it’s kind of awful. So when I saw David Chang using and enthusiastically endorsing these microwave bowls, I was shocked. Turns out, you can make delicious meals in the microwave when you have the right tools. I have no plans of abandoning the grill, smoker, or pizza oven, but sometimes it’s nice to spend six minutes cooking a meal, rather than sixty.

10. Powerhandz Powerfit Weighted Training Gloves ($45): Multi-functional exercise gloves with the benefit of adding incremental weight resistance, to increase strength. Use them when lifting, cross-training, cycling, or anytime you’re working out. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.