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Geoffrey's Annual Father's Day Gift Guide Is Here (And It May Be His Best Yet)

Geoffrey's taking over to recommend his favorite picks, from $9 to $3,000.

Nike Air Force 1 ($90): Classic, clean, and stylish. Break from the traditional dad shoe (aka New Balance 574, which is also great) with this iconic design by Nike. You may want to include a few pairs of no-show socks, just to ensure his look is complete.  

Trinity Coffee Maker ($295): Most people love coffee, but I am particularly drawn to coffee appliances. I've featured several on my Instagram Highlights and while I really don't NEED another device, this one is calling to me. The design is stunning and it can execute the core brew methods (i.e. drip, immersion) along with newer techniques (press), from a single device.  

Lowell Farms Pre-Rolls "The Happy Hybrid" ($60): It's 2019, so we can have a sensible conversation about cannabis. Considering it's fully legalized in 20% of the US and medically available in about 75% of the country, this plant should be viewed in the same way we view wine. And similar to wine, there's a lot of options to choose from, including flavor, effect, and method of consumption (although to be fair, you usually just drink wine). This line uses organic fertilizers with no synthetic pesticides and has some of the smoothest and best tasting products I've tried. Plus, their branding/packaging is so well done, even if you don't use their product, you'll admire their attention to detail. Obviously, if this isn't legal in your state, I'm sorry; but call your governor because you're missing out.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffle 45L ($119): It's a perfect duffle from a company dedicated to minimizing their eco-footprint. I don't need to praise Patagonia—their work speaks for themselves—but if you're looking for a great weekender or gym bag, look no further. 

Rhone Commuter Pant ($128): I wear jeans almost every day, but on the days I don't, I wear these. They are functional without being sporty. You can take them from day to night, dress them up or down, and you'll always look put together. I've tested dozens of hybrid athleisure brands, and the products from this company are exceptional.

Apple News+ ($9.99/month): With access to hundreds of top magazines and newspapers, this is one of the best gifts for news and information junkies. You can get the first month for free, and there's a family sharing plan for up to six people, so while this may be a gift for dad, everyone can enjoy it.

Phillips Air Fryer ($300): The term "healthy french fries" is kind of an oxymoron, but I'm willing to look the other way in this case. Using hot circulating air and a little oil, this machine creates fried foods with less fat and grease, while delivering the crisp texture we all crave.  

Tonal ($3,000): If money is no object and your dad needs a new way to get in shape, this may be the solution. Following in the footsteps of other premium home fitness products (looking at you Peloton), this wall-mounted smart gym uses electromagnetic weights to create resistance while also providing guided workouts, based on specific goals. Personally, I've tested it twice in their San Francisco and Los Angeles showrooms, and the workout is amazing. The only thing holding me back is convincing Emily to let me transform our guest room into my personal gym.  

Howard Stern Comes Again by Howard Stern ($21): I've listened to Howard since 1991, when I was a gangly junior in high school. His evolution from an exaggerated personality into the matured and unrivaled interviewer has mirrored my own growth from wayward adolescence into adulthood. His new book showcases some of his favorite and best celebrity interviews, covering a diverse group including Lady Gaga, David Letterman, Jay-Z, and multiple pieces from our current President. The biggest take-away from the book is not just the information he pulls from the guests, but the way Howard flows between introspection and analysis of his own personality, while never overshadowing what the interviewee is sharing. Even if your opinion of him dates back to the early '90s, I recommend giving this a read. A lot has changed in 30 years.

Just Grillin’ 17-piece BBQ Set ($30): Even if he doesn't think so, your dad probably needs a new grilling set. This case has everything he needs, including a very handy thermometer fork. Trust me, dads love cooking tools, and this won't disappoint. 

P.S. See my guides from 2018 and 2017 for more gift ideas. 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.