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Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

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Whether he loves gadgets, food, sports (or all of the above), we've compiled a short list of items that any dad would appreciate.  

1. Anker Extended Battery Case ($70): While Mophie is the most popular brand in this category, there are very few differences between charging cases, aside from how much you want to spend. The Anker Premium offers a lightweight, fast charging product, at a better price.

2. Countertop ($200): Smart home devices are all the rage and this new kitchen appliance is designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle. It provides recipes, tracks calories and syncs up with other fitness devices (i.e. UP by Jawbone) to provide a holistic view of your nutrition. It also connects with other cooking devices, like VitaMix and CrockPots, to help make your entire kitchen "smarter."

3. Mad Men Waterford Old Fashioned Tumblers ($175/pair): Even though the series is over, your dad can still channel his inner Don Draper with these crystal glasses. 

4. Otter Wax Leather Salve ($18): Maintaining the suppleness of good leather, whether it's a pair of shoes, a jacket, or briefcase, requires regular conditioning. A little of this salve goes a long way and will extend the life of dad's favorite products. 

5. Eyefi Mobi Pro Wifi SD Card ($98): Whether you take a ton of photos like we do, or simply want an easy way to upload your photos automatically, this is the device for you. Your photos are sent directly to your computer or to EyeFi's cloud service, which provides unlimited, free storage, for the first year. 

6. The North American Whiskey Guide ($17): Reviews of over 250 domestic spirits, this simple guide provides a nice overview of both common and rare whiskies, along with a few choice recipes. 

7. Uniqlo Dry Ex Polo ($30): If it's good enough for the former #1 ranked golfer, then I'm sure your dad will approve. Plus, the price can't be beat. 

8. Fitbit Surge ($250): Forget the Apple Watch (for now), when it comes to fitness tracking. This device from Fitbit is currently one of the best available and monitors everything from heart rate, steps, location, elevation, and sleep. It can also sync up to manage phone calls and text messages. Alternatively, if you're not sure what to get, rents various fitness devices for a week, so you can test them out.

9. Sansaire Sous Vide ($200): Once limited to high end restaurants, this temperature controlled cooking method has been making its way into home kitchens over the past few years. This tool provides one of the easiest methods of replicating a professional setup, without requiring a massive appliance. You'll never experience a more perfectly cooked piece of meat or fish.

 10. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): Transform a bottle of vodka into a better bottle of gin, with this DIY kit. It has everything you need to whip up your own version of this botanical spirit, without having to set up a moonshine still in your basement.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.