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Fall Wish List - Coats

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We're pretty much in the dead center of summer and as much as I'm not quite ready to give up tissue-thin tanks and cut-offs, let's face it: fall is quickly approaching. So instead of waiting until the last minute when there are only a few sizes left (and the merchandise has already moved onto the next season), I'm getting a head start this year. I've narrowed down my eight essentials for fall and will be posting them over the next month and a half - just in time for when the weather actually starts to shift.

This week I'm featuring my favorite coat trend for this fall: pastel. As I've mentioned on numerous occasions, I've been searching for a cotton-candy-pink coat for approximately seven years (persistent much?), so I'm thrilled that there are some seriously promising options this year. If that's too sweet a shade for you, there are several other subdued shades that would make for the ideal pick-me-up on blistery cold days.

Coming next week- my favorite pant of the season.

1. Club Monaco Blush Pink Coat, $329

2. Topshop Heather Grey Coat, $170

3. Zara Light Pink Overcoat, $299

4. ASOS Multistich Cream Coat, $135

5. Topshop Fluffy Vintage Yellow Coat, $178

6. Carven Cocoon Coat, $1,390

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.