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Fall To-Do List

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It won't cool down in L.A. for a while, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking ahead of the upcoming season and what I'm most looking forward to. While there are dozens of Halloween-related activities on my agenda already, I created a condensed list of some of the other things I plan on doing this fall.

1. Get a family portrait taken for our holiday card.

2. Host a cookie swap party (I plan on contributing these and these).

3. Plan a girls day trip to go vintage shopping in Palm Springs.

4. Take Sloan to a pumpkin patch.

5. Try out different pecan pies to find the best recipe/technique (like I did with pumpkin pies last year).

6. Find a signature home scent for fall (thinking it might be this candle)

7. Make/get a personalized stocking for Sloan for Christmastime.

8. Find the perfect pair of over-the-knee boots (these are the current top runner).

9. Try out this panic room experience with friends to get in the Halloween spirit.

10. Go to Julian for a hike followed by a slice of apple pie in the little town.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links