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Fall To-Do List


Fall has always been my favorite season. I love how you don't need an excuse to bake every weekend, cozy up with friends to re-watch old movies, all while knowing the holidays are just around the corner. Since yesterday was the first official day of fall, here's a list of things I'm planning on doing this year.

1. Learn to make apple cider donuts.

2. Do a house purge where every weekend we tackle a different closet.

3. Rent a cabin for a long weekend with friends.

4. Master three new soups.

5. Compile a list of scary movies to re-watch.

6. Host a baked potato bar party.

7. Visit a real haunted house.

8. Make pumpkin butter and package in jars for gifts.

9. Go to a watercolor and wine night here.

10. Zombie run.

I would love to know - what's on your to-do list this fall?

Products in this post may contain affiliate links