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Everything Our Team Loved in February

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
Our World Feb

Ganni Boots (a Mytheresa exclusive): Ever since I learned about "sandwich dressing" thanks to TikTok (the idea of having your top/outer layer match your shoes), I've been attempting to embrace the practice. But as it turns out, I own a lot of lighter colored tops and coats and not many shoes. I'd been looking for a pair of cream Chelsea boots for a while, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon this Ganni pair for Mytheresa that I knew I'd found my match. They're unbelievably comfortable, look just as good with pants as they do floral dresses, and they're chunky enough to add some balance to my wardrobe.

O.P.I. 'It's a Boy!' Nail Polish: After years of sticking to a very limited nail polish color palette, I'm finally embracing shades other than red, black, and light pink. When I went to the nail salon recently, I was immediately drawn to O.P.I.'s "It's a Boy!" polish, a pastel baby blue color that's reminiscent of Easter candy. I questioned whether I'd tire of it after a day, but I ended up loving it so much that I purchased my own bottle. It's such a happy color and feels like the ideal way to usher in spring weather.

Our World Feb2

ThriftBooks: Justin is the most voracious reader I know, regularly powering through multiple books in a month (while I, on the other hand, am the slowest reader on the planet). I started recognizing a familiar green package arrive on our doorstep every few weeks, only to finally discover that he places the majority of his reading material on ThriftBooks, which sells used books at the lowest prices. The key is to take advantage of the deals on older books – I've found that anything published 2+ years ago is significantly discounted...and I love that it breathes some new life into an item that otherwise would have sat on someone's shelf for years. They also have free shipping over $15, so I recently snagged You by Caroline Kepnes, along with Glennon Doyle's Love Warrior and Untamed.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask: I have perpetually dry lips, no matter the season or my hydration level, and the only fix I'd found before February was Homeoplasmine, a scent-less French ointment that Katie suggested I get years ago. While I love it dearly, I was looking for something a but more luxe to keep in my nightstand to apply before bed, and after some research during a Sephora sale, snagged the cult-favorite LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask. It's thick enough that it stays on all night, leaving me with plump, crack-less lips each morning. The Berry version is phenomenal, and I really enjoy incorporating the application (with a tiny wand!) into my evening ritual.

Our World Feb3

Paula's Choice CLEAR Extra Strength Kit: I was going to wait to write about this skincare set until I had been using it a little longer, but I haven't been this excited about anything else I've purchased all year thus far, so here it is. I went off the pill about a year ago (no, not for that reason...) and at first, my face was just fine. Last fall, though, my skin started going through some major hormonal swings, and my skin was the worst it's been since I started my anti-adult acne journey four years ago. For months, no matter what I did, my skin was mad. As I was packing for my move to Minnesota in early February, I came across two near-empty Paula's Choice products I hadn't used in years. I went online to repurchase them and saw that the CLEAR Extra Strength Kit for stubborn acne had a 4.6/5 star rating and was only around $50, so on a whim I threw it in my cart instead of the products I had intended to buy. After using this trio of products for three weeks, my acne is already so much better; I feel like a new woman. I also still use Differin and Curology, but introducing this kit into my skincare routine has already helped so much this time around. I LOVE YOU PAULA'S CHOICE!!

Love Is Blind, Season 2: Somebody had to do it, and that somebody is going to be me. Have you watched LIBS2 yet?? I blew through the Chicago season of Love Is Blind in about two days, and I LOVED the reunion that just aired on March 4th (I am now obsessed with the Lacheys... I really didn't see that coming). While Season 1 made me believe that maybe love is, or can be, blind (Lauren and Cam!!), Season 2 really solidified for me that love is probably not blind. If this show's main purpose was to set out to ask a question of whether love is blind (or not), I do think they've probably just answered it. As much as I despise one of the cast members, there may be some truth to his now infamous line from the reunion. But what does that mean for future seasons of this highly addicting show? No spoilers, but I'll just say that Deepti is my favorite person on this season, hands down. I'm very invested in whether or not she and one of her cast mates are currently together...

Our World Feb4

Urban Outfitters Corduroy Pants: I bought these fun pants on a whim when I came across them in the Urban sale section. When it comes to corduroy, I usually have zero chill – I’d even say that a large portion of my wardrobe is corduroy. Combine that with a bright, poppy lavender color? I’m sold. I’ve worn these pants several times since first buying them and they never fail to add some ~funky flavor~ to my everyday look. They can be dressed up with a cute tank, or worn more casually with a tee, so despite how they might first come across, they’re actually very versatile. And a huge plus? They’re perfect for spring!

My Mochi Ice Cream: Introducing my new favorite dessert. I’ve never craved any type of dessert throughout the day like I crave mochi, and I don’t think I can possibly leave the grocery store without at least one box in my shopping cart. There’s a Vons walking distance from my apartment, and at this point I know exactly which aisle and shelf to find the strawberry mochi (the best flavor, obviously), which has become a pretty dangerous game. I can’t be stopped. But hey, it’s decently healthy as far as desserts go, and also doesn't leave me feeling sick to my stomach the way traditional ice cream usually does. I’m proud of myself for not eating all six pieces in one sitting, but I wouldn’t rule that out just yet. I actually just finished off the last piece of my most recently purchased box…guess it’s time for a restock!

Our World Feb5

iRobot Roomba s9+I am not one to splurge on a nice car or a designer handbag but give me an expensive cleaning product that does all the work for me and I am all ears. I probably put in 3-4 hours of research and watching YouTube videos to find a robot vacuum that would work for me and my dog-hair-covered tile floors, and I ended up going with the iRobot Roomba s9+. I have two dogs (one is a husky mix) and a baby on the way so this year I really wanted to invest in a robot vacuum that has minimal upkeep. This version not only empties itself after every vacuum, it charges itself as well. It is the most advanced of the robot vacuums out there and also has the most robust mapping system – you can schedule it to clean, tell it where not to clean, and it even can go directly to areas that it knows there will be the most dirt at optimal times of the day (think in front of your front door or in the kitchen). We named ours Roxanne and she is practically a part of the family now. I don’t know what I did without her!

Woke Up Like This Flawless Foundation: Sometimes I think I am the most influenced person on social media when it comes to targeted ads. I’m not sure what Instagram and TikTok has on me to get the targeted ads so spot-on every time, but whatever the algorithm is – it's clearly working. I bought this foundation a few weeks ago after seeing all the ads on it (you know those satisfying videos of girls blending their foundation into their natural skin and it blends PERFECTLY in a single swipe of the brush). I had high expectations for this foundation and I decided to buy using the ‘try before you buy’ method just in case the ads were a sham and the foundation didn’t blend with my skin tone. Well, needless to say I think this is probably the best foundation I have ever used and 100 percent understand the hype and 477,000+ 4.5 star reviews for it. It is so lightweight yet feels like full coverage, covers my acne and dark spots seamlessly, and honestly feels like I’m not wearing anything. I highly recommend this product (and also the moisturizer and concealer I got with it!).

Our World Feb6

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub + an epilator: Everyone has their own variations of skincare routines and self love rituals so this month, I thought I would share some of my own. Two products that I have been obsessed with lately and I would say have changed the game for me are the KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub and the Revlon Epilator (mine is no longer available, but this one has amazing reviews). I actually use both of these on my face and not necessarily on my body and here's why. As someone with PCOS, I've dealt with a lot of different symptoms, from longer facial hair to changes in my skin, and it hasn't been an easy journey figuring out what works the best for me. I usually feel at my best with a fresh face, no makeup on, so it became very important for me to find things that would allow me to walk out the door confidently! Although the bump eraser is recommended for the body I actually use a little bit on my face as I've got pretty dry skin. This has helped me exfoliate unlike any other product I've used before. My face feels incredibly soft every time I use it (but I don't have super sensitive skin, so I would only recommend it if you have the same!). I would also thread my entire face almost twice a month at the salon because I do have noticeably long and dark facial hair, but this mini epilator has been fantastic. Because of how often I use it now, I'm able to just use it a couple times throughout the week to spot clean, whereas before I would have to wait for my hair to grow back a decent length to make the price of $30-$45 full face threading session worth it. Both my face and my bank account can't thank these two products enough!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.