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Etsy Home Accessories


I’ve always had a soft spot for Etsy: the thrill of the hunt (and triumph of the find) is enough to keep me hooked, even though it can be intimidating to navigate. It’s the best place to buy those small yet impactful details that make a house a home.  (My tip: refine your search by looking through the stores that your favorite Etsy-ers follow.) The exorbitantly expensive coffee canister I'd been eyeing at a too-cool boutique was a steal on Etsy, as well as several other items I've included below. Here are some other beautiful little keepsakes I’d buy in a heartbeat. 


1. Small Speckled Bowls, $24

2. Woven Wall Hanging, $200

3. Good Luck Porcelain Horseshoe, $32

4. Catch-All Ceramic Hand, $50

5. Geometric Planter, $30

6. Cement Bookend, $32


7. Brass Wall Hook, $14.29

8. Gold Zig Zag Tray, $108

9. Marble Paper Weight, $120

10. Porcelain Disk Chimes, $70

11. Hand Painted Coasters, $34

12. Versatile Basket, $101

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links