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Etsy Art


When it comes to art, I'm admittedly not very opinionated. I took plenty of art history/appreciation courses in school, but I never developed much of an aesthetic or specific interest in any particular style. Instead, I find the whole thing to be quite intimidating, which is why most of the walls in our place have remained blank over the years. For a long time, I thought in order to find quality pieces, my only option was to walk into a fancy art gallery. But I've since learned that it's just about doing some research to uncover the hidden gems. Etsy's a great resource, but it can be an overwhelming vortex, so I've rounded up eleven of my favorite prints that I could easily envision on my walls.

1. Abstract Black & White Watercolor, $28

2. Floral Dreams Collage, $23

3. Geometric Watercolor, $100

4. Oh The Places You'll Go Typography Print, $37

5. Extra Large Abstract Watercolor, $350

6. Colorful LA Map Art Print, $20

7. XO Typography Print, $28

8. Abstract Composition, $200

9. Nude Charcoal Drawing, $18

10. Skull Print, $35

11. California Palms Illustration, $18

Products in this post may contain affiliate links