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Espadrille Nation


Every summer you can count on a few trends that undoubtedly appear year after year. Crisp white dresses, floppy straw hats and nautical stripes all turn up the moment the temperatures rise and espadrilles are no exception. I've had my eye on a pair of Yves Saint Laurent espadrilles that are exorbitantly pricey for a bit of rope-like material and leather. In lieu of dropping hundreds of dollars on these close-to-perfection wedges, I've rounded up a few of my favorites, all for under $100.


1. Jessica Simpson, Glorie: $69

2. MIA, Toffee: $49.95

3. Wild Diva, Wink 19: $36

4. Spiegel, Two-Tone Espadrille: $34

5. Kelsi Dagger, Ivy Espadrille: $89.95

6. MIA, Nassau: $49.95

7. Old Navy, Espadrille Wedges: $29.50

8. MRKT, Clove Wedge Sandal: $69.95

Products in this post may contain affiliate links