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Find of the Week

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It's been awhile since I stepped foot in an Urban Outfitters for fashion purposes. But I kept hearing good things about their home section, so last week I directed our car to one in the valley en route home from Universal Studios. It was a totally spontaneous decision - and certainly not a typical pit stop for a wedding anniversary - but a fun detour that yielded a beloved new purchase.

Finding pillows for the massive pink couch in our office has proved challenging for the better part of 2016. This cute eye pillow is the first one I've come across that I've loved instantly and bought without deliberation. The embroidered blue stitching makes it look handmade - more like a unique craft fair creation or Etsy find than a mass-produced pillow. I knew that its graphic blue eye pattern would pop perfectly against our pale pink couch. Sure enough, it made a huge impact as soon as we placed it, despite taking up small real estate on a very large piece (and currently being the only pillow in the office). It would look great as the focal point on a leather arm chair, or a throw pillow on a bed. Most of the other pillows we get for the couch will be neutral, so I like having one playful guy in the mix.  

Shop the Item Here: Eye Pillow, Available at Urban Outfitters
Price: $40

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.