Do You Have a Celebrity Doppelgänger?

We asked our Editorial team for theirs.
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Who's who? (Image via)

Who's who? (Image via)

During a recent team editorial brainstorm, we got entirely derailed on the topic of celebrity doppelgängers and were surprised by how divided we all are on the topic. Some of us have lookalikes we swear are identical twins separated at birth, while others are perhaps more of a stretch... either way, we thought it would be fun to share some of ours! Read on for a few from our editorial team, then share your own in the comments!

DoppleGanger Slides_Emily
Doppleganger Post_Emily

Who's your doppelgänger(s)? Melanie Laurent. And though we don't normally look alike, when I first saw this specific picture of Jenny Walton, I thought it was me.
How often are you told you look like them? By two people, several years back. But those were the only times I'd been told I looked like someone multiple times, so I guess it counts?
Do you think they look like you? I don't see it, but I'm flattered!

DoppleGanger Slides_Leslie
Leslie, ahem, Jacinda starring in 'Suits'

Leslie, ahem, Jacinda starring in 'Suits'

Who's your doppelgänger(s)? Jacinda Barrett (although when I called my mom to ask if she had a look-alike for me, she called to my dad, "Norman! Who's that funny-looking girl we like? She looks kind of shiny and a little nuts...? Yes! That's the one—Kimmy Schmidt!" Actual photo of me on the phone with her.).  
How often are you told you look like them? Emily was actually the first (and only!) to make the connection to Jacinda, but I do get stopped on a weekly basis by someone telling me I look exactly like a friend of theirs. Any other freckled brunettes get the same thing?
Do you think they look like you? There are definitely angles that are similar (also we maybe share an orthodontist), but for the most part I don't think we look strikingly similar, though I'm flattered by the comparison!

DoppleGanger Slides_GEOFFREY
Doppleganger Post_Geoffrey

Who's your doppelgänger(s)? I think I'm a cross between Ben Stiller and Jake Gyllenhaal.
How often are you told you look like them? Not often, unless we're playing this game, then everyone says, "OMG you look like the product of if Ben Stiller and Jake Gyllenhaal had a baby!"
Do you think they look like you? Sometimes, it's all about the angles. Whenever I exercise too much, Em says I resemble Jake from Nightcrawler, which is a nice way of saying I look sick and have lost too much weight.

DoppleGanger Slides_HANNAH
Doppleganger Post_Hannah

Who's your doppelgänger(s)? Young Ione Skye. I'm also often am told I look like young Miley Cyrus, a lot of people call me Hannah Montana. 
How often are you told you look like them? I've only had one person tell me that I look like Ione, but ever since she did, I always pull up this photo when the "What celeb do you look like?" question comes up and everyone immediately agrees. 
Do you think they look like you? YES! I'm still not convinced that this photo is not of me. Everything from her hair to her resting-bitch-face is spot on.

DoppleGanger Slides_KELLY
We actually have trouble telling who's who... 

We actually have trouble telling who's who... 

Who's your doppelgänger(s)? Clémence Poésy (aka Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter).
How often are you told you look like them? During the heyday of the later Harry Potter films, alllllll the time.
Do you think they look like you? Yep, I definitely see it. Clémence is French and has that "effortlessly chic" factor that I'll just never have, but I do see the resemblance (and find it INCREDIBLY flattering!!!)

DoppleGanger Slides_CAROLINE
Doppleganger Post_Caroline

Who's your doppelgänger(s)? Lucy Hale. (Minus the cute bob, although this is making me consider it!)
How often are you told you look like them? I'm not often told I look like someone but when I showed this photo to everyone in the office, they all agreed they saw the resemblance. 
Do you think they look like you? With just a quick glance, yes, I see it! Mostly, I just have serious envy for Lucy's perfect eyebrows. 

Do you have a celebrity doppelgänger? Share yours in the comments, or tag us at @Shopcupcakesandcashmere!