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Day in the Life

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One of the best parts of my job is that no two days are the same, so things rarely feel stagnant or routine. I spent December 10th jotting down every move to record what my day can look like, which I'm sure will change a lot once the baby arrives.

Wednesday, December 10th

6:00am - I've always been a morning person, regardless of whether it's during the week or a Saturday with nothing to do and I'm usually up before the sun rises. I wash my face and apply a hydrating oil so that it has some time to sink in, since my skin is perpetually dry. I turn on the heat, feed the cats and then get back in bed where I'll glance over my emails, check social media and read The New York Times

7:00am - I drink a large glass of water, change into my workout clothes and go for a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. I listen to a Howard Stern interview and chat with my mom on the phone. 


7:30am - I get home, light a candle and turn on some music - usually something mellow like the Joe Purdy Pandora station. I put on my shower cap (I usually only wash my hair once a week because it's so heavy and hard to manage when it's squeaky clean) and jump in the shower. Once I'm done, I change into a silk robe and put on my make-up. Most days I follow the same routine: tinted moisturizer, liquid bronzer, cheek stain, mascara, eyebrow pencil and some highlighting cream. 

8:00am - I've never needed caffeine in the morning, but ironically gave it up about a week before I found out I was pregnant, since I felt like it was really impacting my anxiety. I still love the routine of a daily cup, and have a serving of decaf coffee with whole milk and a bowl of Kashi Go Lean with dried sour cherries on top. G got back from the gym around this time, so we hang out and chat for a bit before we start work. 


8:45am - We recently transitioned our office space from inside the house to our converted garage/guest house. It's made a surprisingly big difference even if I'm only going a few steps away. When I get to my desk, the first thing I do is to create my to-do list for the day. 

9:00am - My two co-workers and I have a creative brainstorm meeting where we discuss post ideas for the upcoming weeks. We schedule everything out accordingly in Asana, a project management application that holds everyone accountable for their work. 


10:30am - Today, I'm meeting up with an L.A. Times film crew at my favorite coffee shop Go Get Em Tiger where I get my second decaf of the day. They're shooting a piece highlighting three of my favorite neighborhood spots to eat and drink in the city. Besides GGET, we also go to Sycamore Kitchen and DeLuscious Cookies, before heading back to the office. 

1:30pm - I change into something casual and comfortable so that I can move around in the kitchen without worrying about balancing in heels and snap a shot for 'Weekday Wardrobe.' The next two hours are spent styling and shooting a Cupcakes and Cashmere food post, a carrot cake with edible flowers. I also take the remaining pictures for that week's 'Five Things' and write a longer piece for my "Things I Learned After 30" series (how I've learned to fight more fairly with G). I feel most productive during these hours, before the inevitable late afternoon crash.


3:30pm - I need a nap today. I got about four hours of sleep the night before and have been feeling a little loopy. My first trimester was pretty ugly and I used to take a two hour nap each day so that I could even function like a normal person. The third trimester is infinitely easier, but my body still gets tired, so lying down for a few minutes helps a lot.

4:00pm - In order to get a little energy for the last couple of hours of the workday, we'll usually listen to something a bit more upbeat like '90s hip hop and rap. I'm always surprised that I can still remember the words to the songs I last heard when I was sixteen. I hunker down and write one last post and shoot the photographs with my art director. The last forty-five minutes of the workday is me responding to emails. I try to completely clear out my inbox by the end of the day, because it helps me relax at night and kicks off the next day on a much more productive note.


6:00pm - I clean up my desk (it's always a pile of papers/ wrappers/mugs) and leave the office. I join G back in the house. He works on the business side of the company from his office, aka the dining room. We eat homemade spaghetti and meatballs (which G made earlier in the day) at the kitchen island.  

6:30pm - We park on the couch and decompress with some TV. We're obsessed with Shark Tank right now and it reinvigorates the businessperson in me. 

8:00pm - Though I don't actually fall asleep at this time, it's when I begin my nighttime routine. I've been getting tired so early these days, it's kind of ridiculous. G goes to bed much later (especially now), but he still comes in so that we can be together. I wash my face, put on lotion, lip balm, take my prenatal vitamin and climb into bed with a book.

8:10pm - I curl up with a cat, usually Luna, and read for about an hour (I'm currently reading Bringing Up Bébé) before falling asleep.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.