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Daily Discoveries: Body Wash

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The other night, after my friend and I went out to dinner, we found ourselves walking through the beauty department at Nordstrom. She was buying a mascara while I perused fragrances. It was there that I stumbled across Clinique 'Happy.'


Essentially every girl in my graduating high school class wore the scent, the perfumed hallways a lingering reminder even once classes were in session. Looking back on it now, it's almost creepy to think we all smelled the same, but I supposed there was a certain camaraderie associated with the familiarity. We also all sported similar bootcut jeans, Gap-logo sweatshirts and crop tops, so perhaps the more you fit in and looked like everyone else, the better. 

I hadn't smelled 'Happy' in years and despite the cliché of it all, that's the exact sentiment I felt when I came across that night. I still associate it with being fifteen-years-old: full of curiosity, excitement and awkwardness. I didn't buy the perfume that night, instead spritzing some on my wrist before I drove home.

On Christmas morning, my mom surprised me with a bottle of the body wash after I'd told her about my experience. I never would have considered getting it for myself, but it was such a fun gift. I look forward to using it each night in the bath and love that it delivers a subtle reminder of a really happy time.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.