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Cupcakes and Cashmere x Formula X

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I have vivid memories of being a little girl, watching my mom meticulously paint her nails on our deck. It was such a nice ritual that I'd quietly observe, studying her technique. When I was old enough to wield a brush with some degree of coordination (albeit some questionable color combinations as a 5th grader), she taught me all her application tricks, which I still use to paint my own nails to this day. It's an activity I find soothing and satisfying, and my obsession with and collection of nail polish knows no bounds. Growing up, I had two career aspirations: to be an ice cream taster (still waiting on that one) and to create and name my own nail polishes. I'm so excited to finally share that I did just that with three signature shades for Formula X as one of their Color Curators. 


I wanted my collection to be classic and versatile - the kind of polishes you wear with everything - but still make enough of an impact to have people ask what color you're wearing. For me, that meant they'd be one of my three favorite categories: peachy-pink, true red, and beige-y neutral. My goal was to create the shades I always wished existed but could never find an exact match for - and am so, so happy and proud of the result. 

formula x interstitials haute sauce V2.png

Haute Sauce - is the ideal pure cherry red. It's universally flattering and so punchy, glossy, and bright.

formula x interstitials latte run.png

Latte Run - calls to mind a creamy latte - the ideal balance between milky white and caramel mocha. It looks great with a tan and bright colors in spring. 

formula x interstitials PEACH .png

Peach Tea - is my dream peach polish - not too orange, not too pink, but the perfect pastel balance that looks as good on fingers as it does on toes. 


The polishes are available for sale on, and here's a link to the official Color Curators site where you can read more about my collection and the inspiration behind the colors! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.