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Crave or Save


It's not often that I find myself obsessing over a certain item for very long. Typically, my fickle self searches for faults so that its appeal slowly begins to fade. Unfortunately,



Matilde Flat Boots

are so close to perfection that for the past two years, I've been unable to deny that their caramel color, slight heel and simple shape make them utterly incredible. I figured it was time to do a Crave or Save post, mainly so that I could distract myself from the


Randall's hefty price tag of $695 and so that I could avert my attention to a similar boot. A lovely reader recommended I try out Bakers, and I must say that their tan


boot is ridiculously similar in its construction. The tan color and double gold buckle set them apart slightly, but they would be just as amazing when paired with skinny jeans or a Bohemian-inspired dress.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links