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Find of the Week


When it comes to my underwear collection, my dresser drawer is pretty well stocked. I've got plenty of comfortable boy shorts for sleeping, everyday panties that still feel sexy, and a plethora of barely-there lace thongs. The problem is, none of those work perfectly under fitted clothes. 

I'd heard about Commando underwear for a while, but the utilitarian style and lack of pretty details left me cold. There was just never a moment when I felt that compelled to buy such a practical pair of panties. But after I bought a new dress that truly required a different solution, I pulled the trigger. The classic thong is completely seamless (even the branding is printed on the inside instead of being on a tag), feel weightless against your skin, and best of all, are completely invisible beneath whatever you're wearing. Sometimes utilitarian is exactly what you need to round out a collection of lacy underthings. 

Shop the Item Here: Commando Classic Thong, Available at ShopBop
Price: $20

Products in this post may contain affiliate links