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Comfortable Clothing (That's Still Stylish)

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There's nothing I enjoy quite like getting into my pajamas after work. Better still: socially acceptable clothing that is just as cozy. Here are ten pieces that fit the bill.


Duster ($410): This cozy duster is oversized and would feel like I'm wrapping myself in a blanket while the camel color makes it look luxe, not frumpy.

Hoodie ($85): Hoodies have clinched their spot in just about every casual clothing round-up, but finding one that is thin and warm is key. This one from J.Crew is the gold standard.

Leggings ($19.95): I'm a sucker for leggings that have a special detail. This pair boasts a front-facing slit at the ankle making them fancy enough to wear with heels (though I'd still wear them with a pair of sneakers, too).

Hat ($88): A bright white cashmere beanie can temporarily make unwashed hair obsolete.

Dress ($130): I rely on sweater or t-shirt dresses pretty heavily because they help me put in minimal effort with maximum payoff.

Tee ($36): I love this updated version of a classic tee (it's a touch shorter in length while the sleeves are longer). 

Shoes ($90): Cute kicks that pack a punch.

Track Pant ($60): The athletic trend is probably the best thing that's happened to comfy, cozy wear. This pair looks a little bit fancier thanks to the tuxedo stripe running down the side.

Sweater ($39.99): I grew up wearing baseball shirts, and this sheer-sleeved iteration feels much more grown-up and less A League of Their Own.

Poncho ($99.90): A poncho might seem like a superfluous purchase, but I swear that it's the easiest throw-on-and-go piece you'll own. This one's punchy print is ideal with jeans and booties.

*top image via Madewell.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.