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Coffee Talk

The things we collect with reckless abandon.
coffee talk what we hoard

It's safe to say that, as a whole, our entire team is almost compulsively neat—Leslie uses cleaning as a way to relax, Emily's house is, as you might imagine, always spotless, and Geoffrey's office desk rarely has a file or paper out of place. But if you know where to look, in our "junk" drawers, pantries, and bottomless tote bags, you'll find that there are some things we can't help but collect. Here are the products, gear, and appliances we hoard:

Emily: I used to think I only hoarded somewhat "cool" things—candles, lip glosses, and artisanal chocolate bars. It wasn't until we reorganized our pantry in December that I realized I also hoard All-Purpose Flour. I kid you not, I had squirreled away six separate massive bags of the stuff, scattered throughout the kitchen. It was one of those things I always assumed I was almost out of (and the thought of spontaneously wanting to bake cookies only to realize you're out of one of the key ingredients is devastating). I did so much baking over the holidays that I put a decent dent in my stash, though I'll still be set for the next three years.

Geoffrey: I hoard electronic cables. Even if the technology is outdated, I most likely have the necessary cable to charge any device or connect it to a display. I probably have half a dozen boxes filled with tangles balls of wires, but I stupidly keep them around for that "ONE TIME" we'll randomly need to watch a VHS tape (note: we don't even have a VCR.)

Leslie: Kitchen appliances, but more specifically: beverage-related appliances. It started with a water boiler, which led to a Nespresso machine, then an electronic citrus juicer when our grapefruit tree bore about 500 fruit. Last month, my boyfriend's mom gave me a two-in-one milk warmer/frother which (should I be embarrassed to say?) was pretty much my dream gift. I'm also in the middle of a very serious love affair with smoothies, so I swear by my Magic Bullet, and I'm cutting down on my La Croix addiction with a Sodastream. I keep them all on a shelf in my kitchen and most mornings, I work my way down the row like a line cook, making myself fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, a smoothie, and coffee. (I keep my never-ending supplies of smoothie powders, coffee, and tea on the shelf below for easy-access.) I've also been flirting with the idea of buying a vegetable juicer. When my boyfriend and I went to France last month, they had industrial-sized, do-it-yourself fresh orange juice squeezers in most grocery stores and the first time I saw one, before I could say anything, he said, "I know what you're thinking. And no, we cannot fit one of those in our kitchen." At least I'm well-hydrated?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.