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Coffee Talk: The Trait You Value Most in Another Person

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Several months back, shortly after Alina started at the company, we had a team bonding lunch at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. We were playing a game to get to know each other better, where each of us asked a question we all three had to answer. Mine was what's the best concert you've ever been to, which I hadn't pondered until that moment and surprised even myself with the pick - Coldplay in 2009 (Chris Martin was just so charismatic). Alina then asked us the trait we value most in another person, and it was an interesting question to consider though it somehow didn't take us long to decide. We each had a clear answer without much deliberating, and they were all completely different. Is there one trait in other people that's more important to you than anything else? Here were our answers. Coffee Talk is also going to be a new series, where we share our thoughts on either a totally random or culturally relevant topic, potentially with a rotating cast of participants. 

Emily: I most admire enthusiasm in other people. I'm drawn to those who have good energy since it makes me want to mirror their passion. I even wrote about how our electrician's sunny outlook impacts me in a really positive way. Since I have a tendency towards anxiety, I take a somewhat cautious approach to most things. I find that people who are really enthusiastic are uninhibited and carefree, which makes them particularly appealing to be around. 

Alina: My answer was unequivocally sense of humor. My favorite people in the world all share that one trait: they make me laugh. There's a spark and magnetism to someone who is funny - they're always the person I'm drawn to in a room. Especially when they're funny in a holistic and unexpected way. I'm not necessarily talking about the joke teller with a punchline, but the people who just are funny in everything they do and say, without trying. That quality is the most important and attractive to me, both in men and women. I respect the light and levity funny people bring to life.

Geoffrey: I'm really drawn to people who are exceptionally logical. Granted, this might be a boring answer, but there's nothing more appealing to me than having a conversation with a person who can clearly convey what they mean, understand another opinion (not necessarily agreeing with it), but ground their emotional responses with clear reasoning. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.