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Coffee Talk: Our New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions that go beyond the obvious.

There are the resolutions that come back around every year—to eat healthier, drink less, sleep more, read more books, see friends more often—that are so ubiquitous and obvious they pretty much go without saying. Below, we're kicking off our first post of the year by sharing the one—specific—resolution we each hope to keep:

Emily: Be my best self in front of my daughter. Sloan is at an age where she absorbs everything around her, and I can assume that will only heighten as she ages. It's important that as her mom, I try to avoid as much negative behavior in front of her. Obviously I'm not perfect, but she shouldn't be seeing me when I'm overly stressed out, being too hard on myself, or even complaining about my body—I want to be a positive role model that she can look up to. 

Geoffrey: Stretch for 15 minutes a day. While I exercise on a regular basis, the last time I was able to touch my toes was in high school. Keeping myself limber has not been a major priority until recently, coinciding with Sloan's increase in girth. I'm going to approach this in a sensible way, beginning with breaking up the 15 minutes into smaller, five minute sessions, spread throughout the day. I know myself well enough that if I try and fail to get it done all at once, I'll make up excuses to not keep it up.

Alina:  Establish a ritual around cooking dinner for myself on weeknights. Since I moved into my own apartment last year, I've largely lacked a rhythm around grocery shopping, meal-planning, and cooking for myself throughout the week. I've fallen into the very easy habit of coming home from work, turning my laptop back on, and sort of killing time until it's dark and I realize I'm hungry, am too tired to cook, and resort to a makeshift (read: pathetic) excuse for a meal. I want to create a soothing, enjoyable, self-care scenario for myself on weeknights in which I turn on some music or a podcast, open a glass of wine, and actually have something warm and home-cooked (versus toast with cheese). Just because it's little old me, doesn't mean I can't establish some ceremony around mealtime.

Leslie: Spend one morning per week reading, phone-free. This resolution is one I started working on a few months ago since it inherently works towards so many other resolutions I have for myself; to slow down once in a while, read more, spend less time on my phone, and pay the same respect to my mental health as I do to my physical health. Every time I've done it in the past month—which means skipping my morning run, making a cup of tea and honey-butter toast, and setting an alarm to read for a full hour—I've felt noticeably more relaxed for the rest of the day. The challenge for me will be making it part of my regular routine and not just something I do "once in a while."

Share your New Year's resolutions below! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.