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Coffee Talk

Each of our mottos at this stage in our life.
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We've all heard of "Dance like nobody's watching," #noregrets, "No new friends" and, of course, YOLO, to the point that they lose their meaning and instead morphs into jokes. Getting pizza for lunch? YOLO. Accidentally ordered an $18 cocktail? #noregrets. Here are the actual life mottos were living by right now:

Emily: "Let it go." Before I had Sloan, I was much more focused on controlling all aspects of my life. I wanted our place to feel orderly and clean (almost) all of the time, liked having my weekends planned out, and had the time to sweat the stuff that didn't necessarily deserve it. In order to maintain some semblance of sanity now though, between running a business and being a present mother/wife/friend, I try not to worry about things that are out of my control. Whether it's a mess that I've chosen to come back to in the morning, recognizing that my inbox will rarely be empty at the end of the day, or that my sugar cleanse will likely never happen, having the mentality to "let it go" has made me a lot happier and relaxed.

Geoffrey: "Be present." The overarching approach I've lived by for years was to place focus into my immediate life, being an accessible and active participant in what's happening in front of me and eliminating distractions that don't provide a positive benefit. This includes being a good listener, providing support for those who ask and reducing wasteful consumption of media or worrying about the past or future. The past can't be changed and the actions I take now shape the future, so my energy is channeled into today. 

Alina: "Do good work." I am so, so passionate about my job, the people I work with, and the industry we're in. Our team is in such a great place with exciting things ahead for 2017, and I just want to focus on doing good work. I really like simple mottos that are easy to remember, focus on, and cover pretty much any related goal. Rather than focusing on micro goals like responding to emails faster or doing xyz by 11 a.m. every morning, this overarching principle guides me every day. It reminds me of the simplicity and sweetness of certain mottos, like when Conan O'Brien (whom I adore) famously said: "work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen." "Do good work" is an easy way to remember what's important to me as I operate and make decisions. 

Leslie: "You're the only one completely in control of your own happiness." First, let me acknowledge that I'm completely aware of how cheesy this sounds, but I'm realizing more and more how true it is. The first time it occurred to me was when my first serious boyfriend and I broke up. After the breakup, I was devastated, but I came to realize that I didn't actually miss him, I just missed the co-dependency. I barely knew who I was without him. That was four years ago, and ever since, I've promised myself to never become so dependent on any one or any group of friends that I lose the ability to create my own happiness. I love my boyfriend and I'm happier with my group of friends than I've ever been, but the motto serves as a reminder that I can't rely on them or external factors to be happy. I have to work at my own passions—hiking, traveling, cooking, and running—to create my own.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.