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Coffee Talk

The team reveals their guiltiest pleasures.
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For this installment of Coffee Talk, we're sharing our guilty pleasures—the small but embarrassing confessions of what we probably should stop doing but enjoy too much to give up. 

Emily: I'm by no means meticulous about my oral hygiene and will go weeks without flossing and occasionally fall asleep without brushing my teeth. But one thing I secretly love to do is use one of my mom's dental hygienist tools (it's this terrifying metal hook she uses on patients) to remove plaque from the back of my teeth. It's one of the most satisfying things to be able to chip away at built-up tartar, but since I'm obviously not a trained professional, I've had some close calls over the years. Just last week I accidentally hooked it onto my lower lip and tugged, which was horrifying. But don't think I let that stop me from using my "scraper" a few days later.

Geoffrey: After years of ignoring almost all reality TV programs, this past year we've become devout Bachelor/Bachelorette viewers. I almost feel ashamed admitting my fandom, but I also find myself extolling the ridiculous entertainment value to non-viewers whenever the topic of, “What shows are you watching?” comes up. Look, it’s not ‘good’ TV, it’s not even ‘ok’ TV, but it’s such an amazing anthropological study in human behavior and emotional larceny that I can’t wait to see what happens the following week. Of course, for those in the know, listening and watching to Chad spew his roid-induced, pseudo philosophy on love, relationships, and life is better than any fictional villain currently on TV. Also, Leslie introduced us to the BatchSlap, which is a must-read for any fan.

Alina: I almost don't want to call this guilty because I'm not not proud of it, but I read Just Jared literally every single day of my life. Even Saturday and Sunday, unless I'm not at a computer, but I sure do a deep scroll on Monday to make up for lost time if so. I may be Jared's biggest fan. I've run into him twice at events in L.A. and both times have completely embarrassed myself talking to him. I've been reading his site for over six years—it's how I first discovered my hair colorist Denis DeSouza, who basically started the ombre trend on Rachel Bilson in 2010. Just Jared shared some photos of Bilson leaving the Andy Lecompte salon and revealed that she'd seen Denis DeSouza, and I booked an appointment to see him shortly after. It's the best place to get celebrity news and is the first site I check after ours every morning. It's the best. 

Leslie: This might be more of a "lazy" pleasure than it is "guilty," but once I get started into the depths of Instagram stalking, I cannot be stopped. Once I get to the wedding hashtag of my friend's ex-girlfriend's best friend's cousin, that's when I know I've struck gold.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.