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Choosing To Give

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I've participated in my fair share of charitable causes: everything from working in soup kitchens and volunteering in convalescent homes, painting schools and visiting orphanages in Mexico. But these volunteering opportunities were all part of a larger, organized mission that I didn't choose on my own. It wasn't until recently that I realized how much charitable work centers around being profoundly connected to a cause in order to take it on as more of a personal mission.


It can be a challenge to decide on the charity you want to support, and swimming through all the causes out there can be overwhelming. Harder still is the question of priority: I had always been drawn to animal causes, but when trying to pin down where to contribute to, I found myself frozen by indecision. How could I choose based on the principle of “priority” when eradicating domestic violence, poverty, and child hunger are all deeply urgent issues? Not to mention the fact that Veteran’s affairs can move me to tears as quickly as the state of our oceans.

I decided to take stock and quickly realized that there’s no right answer. Each person is the culmination of their own unique experiences, and mine have been deeply entrenched in animal causes since childhood (if I had it my way, we’d convert our house into an animal sanctuary). Today, three of the biggest joys in my life are my rescue cats Luna, Rocco, and Cali and donating to Kitten Rescue and The Lange Foundation has never felt like a chore. I’ve found great fulfillment in being a part of their family of donors and when I receive updates about how my dollars have helped orange-haired kitten Dustin land in a forever home, or is getting Emma and all of her kittens food and shelter, nothing can make me happier.

I'd love to know - what are the causes close to your heart?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.