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Busy Bee


I was so disappointed when I found out that it's supposed to drizzle for the majority of the weekend. After the initial shock set in though, I realized it would give me some much needed time to tackle a few of the things I've been meaning to do.  


Visit the Farmers' market to fill my sad, empty vases with some colorful flowers (I made this one in college).      


Come up with a better way to organize my jewelry (note: this photo shows about 1/15th of what I actually own. The rest is in one giant knot in my bathroom drawer).    


Finish one of the six books I'm currently reading (don't judge that

New Moon

is currently at the top of my list).  


Find a way to organize my shoes so that I can accommodate some of the few I've been eying recently (is it normal to have two other sections dedicated to boots and flats?).  


Make some chili and cornbread for a big Sunday meal. I hope you have wonderfully productive weekends as well!

Products in this post may contain affiliate links