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Blush Crush

Perfectly pink shades.
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You know when you see something once, and then you can't stop seeing it? On a team outing to Robertson Boulevard a few months ago, Alina whipped out a pair of blush-colored sunglasses. The shades stood out from the run-of-the-mill black and tortoise shell options that made up my own collection, so I made a mental note to remember them, but it turned out I didn't have to. From that moment, I began to see them everywhere—in magazines, while walking down Larchmont, and on friends—in the same blush frame, with one of two lenses: clear or a matching rose tint. In Paris, I finally made the leap and purchased a pair of Céline sunglasses to remember the trip by, but not before doing my own fair share of research. In my hunt for the perfect pink shades, I came across countless eye-catching options. I even ended up buying a second pair at a more affordable price point when I returned so that I have something to grab for beach days and casual events. Here are some of my favorite blush-colored sunglasses I came across: 

1. Raen Sunglasses in Norie ($170): The delicate acetate frames here are balanced by the metal-wired arms for an all-around winning pair with a unique muted blush hue in the lenses.

2. Smith Optics 'Bridgetown' 54mm Aviator Sunglasses ($99): The subtle metal detailing makes these glasses feel modern, despite their classic shape. I love the edge it gives them.

3. Dior 'Sideral 1' 53mm Sunglasses ($430): One of the few pairs that had a black lens, these aren't as feminine as the others, but paired with the floating-bottom rims and bold brow line, they're one of the coolest. 

4. Sonix Eliot Sunglasses ($98): The frames and even the dramatic mirrored lenses immediately caught my attention with this pair. While the lenses aren't as dramatic in person—they're more transparent than I expected—the frames are just about perfect.

5. Quay Eclipse Sunglasses ($55): These old Hollywood-style frames are something I'd expect to see on someone at the Chateau Marmont, which makes the price point all the more accessible. 

6. Ray-Ban RB2180 with a Pink Gradient Mirror ($155): I love that these are round and retro, without going full-on Ringo. Plus this was one of the only pairs I found in this unique, dusty rose color.

7. Beach Riot for D'Blanc Minor Panic Mirrored Sunglasses ($122, on sale): The Boho-style shape of the frames combined with the unexpected tortoise shell detail are what I love most about these shades.

8. Smith Optics 'Sidney' 52mm Sunglasses ($89): This color is just about perfect, and these are most similar to my own pair of Céline shades, which makes the fact that they're under $100 all the more surprising. The chunky frames are also impact-resistant so you don't have to be quite so careful with them.

9. Illesteva in Boca II ($154, on sale): The light pink acetate combined with the gold metal frame is so good. While it could easily land them on the flashy side of tacky, the look completely works here. 

10. Top Shop Lila Round Sunglasses ($20): I thought I'd left the pink-and-purple color combo when I graduated from 3rd Grade, but these make a convincing argument for the duo, at a great price to boot.

11. Sheriff & Cherry Gold-Tone Sunglasses ($245): I first learned about this brand when I saw them on Keira Knightley. While they're a little too edgy for my style, I'm envious of the girl who can pull them off.

12. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses ($16): These are perfect for a throw-around pair that won't leave you heartbroken if they get scratched. Plus I can't get enough of the old-school cat eye look.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.