Baubly Bibs

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Last week, I bought my first bib necklace (


one in fact) and I don't believe I've ever gotten so many compliments on one specific item. It's proven to be the quickest and easiest way to update an otherwise boring outfit with a slightly regal touch. Anthropologie

Windflower Necklace

: $38 Forever 21

Stone Drape Necklace

: $13.80 Anthropologie

Stormy Sea Necklace

: $48 Forever 21

Jeweled Medallions Necklace

: $6.80 Urban Outfitters

Geometry Necklace

: $48 Isharya

Polki Bib Necklace

: $540 Susan Hanover

Pink Collar Necklace

: $240 Burberry Prorsum

Large Flower Necklace

: $695 Lanvin

Enamel Necklace

: $2,610