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Better Habits? There's An App For That (Plus, A Memoir for Austen Fans)

And a movie that will give you a much-needed belly laugh.

Hello from Reno, Nevada! After taking many safety precautions, Jonah and I made the weighty decision to drive north on Friday to spend the week with my parents. It's a choice we didn't make lightly (we didn't even invite my parents to drive down for our March wedding, which broke my heart a little), but one that ultimately makes the most sense for our family for a number of reasons right now. I'm taking today and tomorrow off to be able to spend some quality time with my parents and brother who's also here, which I'm sure will include (masked) hikes around some of Tahoe's lesser known trails, lots of cooking, and beers on their back patio, which has the best sunset views around. I know going home isn't possible for so many people reading this right now—and understand firsthand the pangs of seeing other people travel to see loved ones. I'm feeling more grateful than ever to have this time, and hope anyone feeling sad or missing loved ones gets that time soon too. Here are a few things I enjoyed last week: 


Shortly after Palm Springs premiered at Sundance Film Festival last year, it broke the record for the biggest sale in the history of the festival (by 69 cents, but still!) so I knew it would be something special long before pulling it up on Hulu. The movie, which stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, has a distinct Groundhog Day vibe to it—after entering a time wormhole, the two wake up every single morning on the same wedding day in Palm Springs. Samberg plays the bride's best friend's boyfriend (frequently referred to as just "Misty's boyfriend") and Milioti is the bride's sister. I love Groundhog Day, but had so much fun watching this raunchier and (controversial opinion!) honestly funnier twist on the classic. (It also has a dance scene that rivals Armie's in Call Me By Your Name.)

P.S. Samberg's wife, musical artist Joanna Newsom consulted on the soundtrack, which is great too! 


Recently, Emily inspired me to go back to hand-writing my work to do-list, but I've taken to using a "Habit Tracker" for non-work goals, primarily movement, after photographer Monica Wang shared one she uses in a recent Story. As I shared in this post, I'm trying to get better at taking breaks and being less sedentary during the work day—outside of an hour workout each day, I rarely stand, but I'm trying to change that! After inputting my goals into this app, I receive notifications that remind me to stand and stretch my legs. Hoping the habits stick for the long run! I've been using an app called "Habit," but here are a few others that look great: The Happiness Planner, Habit Tracker, Productive, and Focus Keeper for a broader Pomodoro timer. 


Although it's been years since I've read any Jane Austen (unless watching the Kiera Knightley Pride and Prejudice counts as "reading"), I can understand, now more than ever, the comfort that comes from returning to favorite books and movies. That's exactly what Rachel Cohen does in her "memoir in five novels," Austen Years. Following the birth of her daughter and death of her father, Cohen returns to Jane Austen as a way of examining and reflecting on her own life over the course of seven years. While I may have gotten more out of it if I were a more devout Austen fan, I enjoyed Cohen's memoir and the reflection it inspired in me over shared experiences. 

I'm also interested in reading the memoir Empty by Susan Burton after coming across some rave reviews for it!


Sohla El-Waylly had me at "Fun Dip" for vegetables, and what Kristen Miglore dubbed a "Dorito-free road trip snack—that could compete with the deliciousness of Doritos." Hook, line, and sink. The quarantine gods shined down on Jonah and me when I realized that we had all of the ingredients to make El-Waylly's truly genius dip for our road trip to Nevada on Friday, and a fresh pack of baby carrots for dipping. You can find the recipe here!

2 copy

1. The Sunny Project is raising money through art prints for supporting at-risk women and children in Florida (thank you Nadine for sharing!). 

2. A reader recommended this Black History Bootcamp from the organization GirlTrek!

3. My brain exploded at the sight of this perfect bedside table/shelf in a recent Cup of Jo piece.  

4. A chic window A/C option from July. (And another option here!) Stay cool out there... 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.