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My Favorite Food Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Mealtime inspiration in a square.
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One of the first things Geoffrey and I realized we had in common was our shared love of food. Since we first started dating, we've taken pride in our combined wealth of knowledge on restaurants in Los Angeles. And while he's more likely to whip out the sous vide at home (though I did use it the other night to cook a killer steak), we both love the challenge of emulating dishes we've tasted in restaurants and seen online. One of my favorite sources for dinner, dessert, and general culinary inspiration is my Instagram feed, which at this point, probably has more shots of edible things than not. Here are 10 of my favorite food accounts on Instagram:

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What to expect: Heirloom vegetables, postcard-worthy photos from Basque Country and Seattle, and simple five-ingredients dishes
Click here to follow: @canellevanille


What to expect: Cheeky images and captions that sometimes make me laugh out loud combined with creative food styling with an emphasis on colors
Click here to follow: @lucialitman

Food Instagram nikole.png

What to expect: Simple dishes made from seasonal ingredients, creative lighting and design
Click here to follow: @nikoleherriott

Food Instagram Gaby.png

What to expect: California produce, insane-looking desserts, and inspiring dispatches from one of our favorite contributors
Click here to follow: @whatsgabycookin


What to expect: Images baked into bread that range from animal prints to Hello Kitty, and are oddly hypnotizing to scroll through
Click here to follow: @konel_bread


What to expect: Vignettes on passionate people in food, cocktails, and interesting international dishes
Click here to follow: @lifeandthyme

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What to expect: Shots of hip spots around L.A., close-ups of melty cheese, new restaurant announcements
Click here to follow: @dinela


What to expect: Bright, colorful photos of sweets in pink and purple hues, and sprinkle cakes—need I say more?
Click here to follow: @sprinklesforbreakfast

Food Instagram diala.png

What to expect: Travel photos, seasonal dishes both at home and out and about, epic brunchstagrams 
Click here to follow: @dialaskitchen

Food Instagram skype.png

What to expect: Inspiring baked goods, impressively-set tables, and wish-I-was-there dinner party scenes
Click here to follow: @skye_mcalpine

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.