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Best Cupcakes In L.A.


Long before cupcakes ever became a thing, I was hooked. And I'm not talking about just the gourmet iterations of the classic dessert - I'm down with the Hostess variety, the day-old leftovers in grocery store bakeries or even those made straight from a box. But L.A. takes cupcakes pretty seriously and there are a lot of great options out there. In an attempt to narrow down the best of the best, I compiled my favorite eight cupcakes in the city.

If you're more of a chocolate chip cookie kinda person, I've got a list for you as well


Georgetown Cupcakes, Vanilla Bake Shop, Auntie Em's Kitchen, La Provence, Susie Cakes, Lark Cake Shop, Joan's On Third, Toast Bakery

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links