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Bag Inside The Bag

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I probably swap out bags upwards of five times a week, whether I need a large tote to take me through a day of meetings or a smaller cross-body bag for a morning at the flea market. More often than not, I found myself misplacing things with all of those transitions and there's nothing more annoying than being away from home and having to make a pitstop at the drugstore. My new solution is so simple that I should have implemented it years ago, but needless to say, my life is a lot more streamlined now. Instead of just tossing all of my essentials into my bag to float around (amongst gum wrappers and old receipts), I now corral them into a make-up bag that I can then just throw into each bag that I use. Here's what's in mine.


1. Make-up bag. I'm a big proponent of having a fun, bright make-up bag, one that's easy to spot in your larger purse. I got this one in Mexico for a few pesos and it's easily one of my favorite purchases as of late.2. Advil. It's not that I pop painkillers on the regular, but it seems as though anytime I'm away from home for an extended period of time without these guys, I'll get a seriously intense headache. Carrying these in my bag almost ensures that I'll be left pain-free.3. Band-Aids. You never know when a great pair of shoes is going to begin rubbing in just the right place to leave you with a scattering of blisters on your feet. 4. Perfume. An easy way to transition from day to night (beyond just your outfit and make-up) is with scent. I like keeping a roll-on tucked inside my bag so I can swipe it across my wrist without the fuss.5. Lip Gloss. If I've left the house without make-up and then find myself wanting to look a little less asleep once I'm out the door, a bit of light pink lip gloss brightens up my whole face.6. Hair Ties. When a good hair day goes bad, it's always good to be prepared. A few hair ties ensures that a windy day won't result in you looking like Cousin It.

7. Lip Balm. My lips are perpetually dry (probably due to my aversion to drinking water) and a tinted lip balm is much more appealing to apply.

8. Lipstick. The best beauty item to take you from day to night. Lately I've been all about a really pale pink, but other times, I'll keep a bright shade like a deep red or punchy coral to completely transform my look.

9. Hand Sanitizer. I don't use a hand sanitizer on a daily basis (I prefer good old soap and water), but when I'm on an airplane and am about to have a snack (for some reason, I'm always my most ravenous when I travel), this stuff is great. It's actually a multipurpose spray and I love that since it's almost entirely natural, it doesn't have that chemical-heavy smell.

10. Tampons. Because inevitably either you, a friend or a stranger will be without a tampon at some point in the future and it's best to always have some on hand.

11. Gum. For those times when you find yourself at the movies after a garlic-heavy meal.

12. Concealer. The best way to fake even-looking skin without wearing a face full of foundation. It's great for on-the-go touch-ups.

13. Granola Bar. I'm a big fan of Kind Bars (particularly the dark chocolate nuts & sea salt variety) since they're compact, protein-heavy and low in sugar.

14. Pen. I wouldn't call myself a germaphobe, but if there's an opportunity in which I can pass up using a community pen, I always prefer to use my own.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.