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Whenever late August rolls around, I get nostalgic for that back-to-school feeling. It was always so exciting heading out on an epic shopping spree to get new notebooks, accessories for the dorm, and cute outfits, all of which I'd wear during the first week of class. Here are some of my favorite back to school ideas, for both students and post-grads alike:

1. Madewell leather backpack that's functional yet fashionable. ($199.50 on sale!)

2. Sugarpaper desk notepad - ideal for extensive "to-do" lists. ($15)

3. Poppin simple pink pens with black ink. ($12)

4. Mercury glass votive that I'd use as a pencil holder. ($12)

5. Mario Testino poster that would transform a blank dorm room. ($37.99)

6. Anthropologie tape dispenser that's pretty enough to leave out. ($44)

7. Sleeping mask: an essential for weekends. ($26)

8. J.Crew card case for your ID. ($22.50)

9. Sleek desk lamp from West Elm that will never go out of style. ($69) 

10. Zara metallic moccasins with tassels that make walking to class more fun. ($49.90) 

11. Topshop skirt that would be cute with a fisherman sweater. ($80)

12. Madewell plaid mac coat that feels perfectly preppy. ($198)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.