Ask Emily - Wedding Questions Part 2


1. "What are your thoughts on eloping? And if you decided to do it, where would you run off to?" (start time - 00:12)

2. "Where did you shop for your wedding dress, and how many did you try on before you found the one?" (start time - 00:57)

3. "My question about bridesmaid dresses/maid of honour dresses etc. What is in your opinion the right etiquette when buying dresses on a tight budget whilst not sacrificing style and each girls individual personality?" (01:51)

4."How do you decide on a "theme"? I'm recently engaged and can't seem to narrow down a "vision". I'm terrified I'll wind up in an art-deco dress, with cowboy boots on!" (start time - 02:49)

5. "DIY is very popular these days, are there a few aspects of a wedding that you would recommend one could do by themselves versus delegating to a professional? Some areas I've considered are centerpieces and party favors." (03:41)

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