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Ask Emily - Travel Advice


Questions in this Episode:

1. "What advice would you give to someone in their early twenties who is just beginning her career and wants to save for upcoming milestones (a home, wedding, babies) but doesn't want to sacrifice traveling?" (start time - 00:11)

2. "What is your favorite type of vacation (relaxing beach, vacation, touristy hot spot, hidden gem) and why?" (start time - 01:26)

3. "How do you feel about all inclusive resorts? Have you ever stayed at one and what was your experience like? I have been hesitant to try an all inclusive resort because I'm worried that I will spend a ton of money and not necessarily enjoy the entire package." (start time 02:11)

4. "I'm from London and am planning a road trip to the West Coast USA with my husband! We've never done a road trip, have you got any useful advice and tips? (start time - 03:15)

5. "What are your travel essentials that you have when vacationing?" (start time 04:25)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links