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Ask Emily - Etiquette Questions


1. "I totally need hostess gift ideas that aren't a bottle of wine. Please!" (start time - 00:11)

2. "How do I make a party invitation clear that kids are not invited, and do it politely? I thought by addressing the adult names on the envelope, it was clear, but people still asked if they could bring kids. " (start time - 00:50)

3. "What's your advice for staying in touch with old friends from high school, college, etc.? What's the proper etiquette (how often to email/chat?" (start time - 01:42)

4. "When hosting guests in your home, what are some traditional, yet fun ways to make them feel welcome? Such as preparing the guest room, bathroom, etc? " (start time - 02:24)

5. "We recently hosted my birthday party. The night of we had many last minute cancellations, Once I posted pictures online I received messages of, "Looks like you had a great time! I feel terrible we had to bail considering you had the party catered". It did cost a lot of money and we had so much left over! So do I tell people ahead of time that we are catering? I feel like that's sort of...icky! Help! I don't want to run into this again." (start time - 03:44)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links