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Ask Emily - Dating Questions


Questions in this Episode:

1. "Any suggestions for a perfect go-to outfit and makeup for a first date?" (start time - 00:11)

2. " What were your rules or deal breakers when you were 'looking' for your husband? What basic characteristics were essential? Eg. opening doors, personal hygiene etc...Would you recommend any others that you have found a bonus or downer as time progressed?" ( start time - 01:20)

3. "How do you think of creative, fun, and affordable date ideas that aren't just 'dinner and a movie' especially when you have been together for almost 8 years" (start time - 02:33)

4. "What is the male equivalent of small gifts such as roses, chocolates, small jewelry?"  (start time - 04:01)

5. "How would you manage a long-distance relationship?" (start time - 04:44)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links